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Review: Rauhnåcht – Urzeitgeist


wykrojniki digipacki BAK nr P0194.cdr

Rauhnåcht – Urzeitgeist


Hammerheart Records

I’ve come across this Austrian one-man band a few years ago and was instantly hooked on their versions of fellow Austrian’s Sturmpercht songs on their 2010 album, Vorweltschweigen. 4 years on, and Stefan Traunmüller – the man behind Rauhnåcht, also known from Wallachia, Golden Dawn and Sternenstaub – releases another album: Urzeitgeist. Musically this will please everyone into Falkenbach, Abigor, Amestigon, Wolves In The Throneroom, although Urzeitgeist definitely has its own unique style.

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