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Apostle of Solitude – Of Woe and Wound


Cruz del Sur Music

8/10 – Review by Jamie Cansdale

You may recall sometime four years ago when this band released an album entitled Last Sunrise. You probably also remember this album had a very bizarre front cover and may have never picked it up as a result. If this is the case, then the joke is on you: Last Sunrise is an underrated gem that speaks louder than any image given to it.

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HR Giger Obituary


Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger

February 19140-12 May 2014-06-10

Obituary by Steve Earles

Giger’s work disturbs us, spooks us, because of its enormous evolutionary time span. It shows us, all too clearly, where we have come from and where we going.”

Timothy Leary

The world visionary is bandied about a lost in our post-media social world, usually by self-obsessed talentless non-entities trying to promote themselves.

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Interview: Pilgrim


Interview by Luke Hayhurst

All questions answered by THE WIZARD (guitar, bass, vocals)

DM:: Greetings from the UK! God save the Queen.
I’d like to start by talking about the wonderfully named debut album you released a couple of years ago. “Misery Wizard”, how did you come by the name and what we’re the albums themes?

THE WIZARD: The name comes from us being miserable and us liking wizards. And it sounds awesome together. The album had a lot of really cool themes. Evil wizards, flying saucers, black robed cultists, and saving the world. 

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