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Celestial Grave – Burial Ground Trance


Artist: Celestial Grave

Album: Burial Ground Trance

Year: 2016- July- 7th

Country of Origin: Finland

Record Label: IronBonehead Productions

Reviewer: Singleton

From the underground of Finland rises a new band that has left me anticipating future releases from a three track demo alone. Debuting on IronBonehead Productions, a label never in short supply of quality acts,Celestial Grave is a name to keep your eyes and ears  open for.
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Urfaust – Empty Space Meditation



“Empty Space Meditation”
Ván Records
Release date: 28.10.2016
Distribution: Soulfood

Review by Alex M.

Finally, after six years of waiting and a lot of singles and EP’s later, the Dutch Black-/Doom duo URFAUST releases their new full length, “Empty Space Meditation”, once again on mighty VAN Records and in various different editions. The album starts off with an ambient Intro, but here we have no cheesy one-finger-chord ambient but a dark, ritualistic piece that sets the moond for what is yet to come. The following and first black-metal song “Meditatum II” is a big surprise.

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Black Fucking Cancer s/t


Artist: Black Fucking Cancer
Album: S/T
Year:2016 June-24
Country of Origin: USA
Record Label: Osmose Productions
Review by: Singleton

The first thing that needs to be declared about the band Black Fucking Cancer’s self-titled album:. this is not a band or album you can listen to quietly. It is simply not possible.

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Eerie – Into Everlasting Death


EerieYear: 2014

Country of Origin: Poland

Record Label: Arachnophobia Records

Review by: Singleton

The band Eerie was recommended to me by chance from a friend of mine as I was picking up an order of records. He adamantly said that I needed to check out this album. Given our historical and consistent similarities in music taste creating a trust for recommendation, I added “Into Everlasting Death” into my collection and went on with the listening….

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