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Interview with Solefald


(Interview by Antti Mikonmäki, with Lars:

When I first heard Solefald’s first full-length “The Linear Scaffold”, I was impressed by the progressiveness and artistic ambitiousness of the album in the Black Metal world, although it certainly wasn’t the only “avantgarde” Black Metal release in those times. Nevertheless there was something different in the style and attitude of this album, which made me predict great and progressive things for this band, and I certainly wasn’t wrong. Solefald has released seven full-lengths by now quite steadily, telling of an overflowing creativity, which comes as no surprise when thinking of the individuals involved in the band.

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Interview with Ascension


(by Antti Mikonmäki)

Ascension came to our awareness with their brilliant 2009-Demo “With Burning Tongues”, before completely proving their superior skills with their first full-length “Consolamentum”. Now, when the first reviews of their greatest masterpiece to date, “The Dead Of The World” begin to spread word of this band to those as well whom have missed the band in previous times, the time to show the Black Metal underground (filled with trendy clones of “Spiritual” and “Occult” nature) how true works of Art are done is at hand. We will skip the speculations regarding whom may possibly play in the band, and let the faceless aspect of Ascension speak for the band.

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Interview with Semjaza (Thy Darkened Shade)

Interview by Antti Mikonmäki

In the world of underground Black Metal, especially in the case of bands dealing in Spiritual and Occult topics, it’s rare these days to find a band that has an original sound and approach to the Great Work, not to mention highly advanced compositions and playing skills. Thy Darkened Shade from Greece has these qualities, and after having heard their latest album, I had to ask a few questions from the main Magician of the band, Semjaza.

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