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Interview: The Order Of Israfel

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THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL consist of Swedish Patrik Andersson Winberg on Bass, Staffan Björck on the guitars, Hans Lilja on the drums and Australian Tom Sutton (formerly of Church of Misery) on vocals and guitars.

Just before they were about to hit the stage of London’s Islington Academy supporting Pentagram, I had a little chat with Tom about their debut album, WISDOM, and music in general.

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Acherontas Interview

Acherontas 1

Just a few hours before they hit the stage of the Black Heart in London, I had an interesting interview with V. Priest of Greek ACHERONTAS:

S: What are you musical influences outside metal? You have so many different kinds of music that are not metal, bands or generally?

V Priest: Of course the old era of the 90ies,  bands from the underground scene, the classic ones from the Scandinavian scene as well as the Hellenic scene, which was very strong in the late 90ies. So, outside metal circle I can say that most of the people behind the coven are more close to ritual dark ambient, martial, folk, classical folk and traditionalist music and the more experimental music outside of metal.

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The Wolves of Avalon-Interview With Metatron by Steve Earles

The Wolves of Avalon-Interview With Metatron by Steve Earles

Metatron has long been a positive fixture on the British metal scene. With The Meads of Asphodel, he has created a variety of acclaimed releases. Wishing to explore different areas and emotions to The Meads of Asphodel , Metatron also formed The Wolves of Avalon, who released a fine album in 2011, ‘Carrion Crows Over Camlan’. With the recent release of their second album, ‘Boudicca’s Last Stand’, Metatron met me to tell me of his latest release and other matters…


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