Celestial Grave – Burial Ground Trance


Artist: Celestial Grave

Album: Burial Ground Trance

Year: 2016- July- 7th

Country of Origin: Finland

Record Label: IronBonehead Productions

Reviewer: Singleton

From the underground of Finland rises a new band that has left me anticipating future releases from a three track demo alone. Debuting on IronBonehead Productions, a label never in short supply of quality acts,Celestial Grave is a name to keep your eyes and ears  open for.

The demo, Burial Ground Trance, is, without question, bewitching. The three deathly hypnotic  songs are composed for black metal fans as an answer in the quest seeking to find enduring quality.

“Woe be unto Him who opens one of the Seven Gates to Hell, because through that gateway Evil will invade the World”

To make music from Hell sound so compelling…

The track, “The Heartbeats Drum”, sets upon the listener with hooking riffs, and a  mesmerizing snaking rhythm. The music floods and flows with the sensation of running through darkened halls shrouded in cobwebs and dust, old, yet still living.
The vocal delivery is a commanding snarl, a wrathful voice that colors the music with the impression of being issued from a broken tomb. After repeated listens, the few fragments of words that can be made out give me no reason to think this was not intentional. The music of “The Heartbeats Drum” is the sort of compelling that feels that it stretches, and bends time to its will. It continues to grow over and over upon itself . As if traversing the compositional terrain, we continue riding through the vistas of otherworldly landscapes created in music.

“The Bearer of Death” crawls along the  stone work, drums demanding the voice to speak out, as if from a drowned mans lungs. Rending the guitar open, the song picks up with melodic intensity. Marked with the welling of more to say, though seemingly even less to be understood, the song throws itself as if falling down a cavern of tombs.  Sharp stones in the abyss begin to pick apart the flesh; the voices continue to speak, “The Bearer of Death” will be heard.

The third movement, “Burial Ground Trance” falls upon the listener’s ears and beckons,“Listen…… Listen, the children of the Night make their music.”

Cutting and identifiable black metal breaks its way through to give way to a rocking riff that  will ensure you are unable to keep still upon hearing it. The vocals are delivered somewhere between snarls of the delirious, and fevered insight, and create a multi-dimension, layered effect..  A rolling wave of hypnotic drumming propels the momentum of the music through the drawing transition. The transition rises up to the riff which commands the body to move, yet again…maniacal….schizophrenic… with the voices clawing over the ears…. And then it ends…

Though only three tracks long, Burial Ground Trance is a demo that will surely be worthy of multiple plays in one sitting. Celestial Grave have exhumed themselves into the underground, and will be a band to keep eyes out for in the future.