Urfaust – Empty Space Meditation



“Empty Space Meditation”
Ván Records
Release date: 28.10.2016
Distribution: Soulfood

Review by Alex M.

Finally, after six years of waiting and a lot of singles and EP’s later, the Dutch Black-/Doom duo URFAUST releases their new full length, “Empty Space Meditation”, once again on mighty VAN Records and in various different editions. The album starts off with an ambient Intro, but here we have no cheesy one-finger-chord ambient but a dark, ritualistic piece that sets the moond for what is yet to come. The following and first black-metal song “Meditatum II” is a big surprise.

The sound is heavy and also very clear without becoming too clean or polished. Another surprise is that this song sounds like an hommage to BURZUM, ca. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss era. Especially the voice is totally Varg, when screaming. Then the song changes to classic, mid tempo URFAUST style. “Meditatum III” shows the more doomy side of URFAUST. To speak with TYPE O NEGATIVE: this is slow, deep and hard!


“Meditatum IV” is even more doom, but with a spoon of garage added to it. Ever wondered how BURZUM mixed with good old Rock´n Roll would sound like? Welcome to “Meditatum V”! The riffs also seem to be borrowed from Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, which, in my opinion isn´t a bad thing since URFAUST still keep their own trademarks as well. My favourite song is “Meditatum VI”, which includes some nearly folk like guitars and a sitar, which creates a haunting and very epic / oriental atmosphere and brings a cool new element to the sound of the band. Also the vocal arrangement is fantastic. “Empty Space Meditation” is URFAUSTs best full length release, if possible try to get the nice lavish edition from VAN records!

1. Meditatum I (5:04)
2. Meditatum II (9:57)
3. Meditatum III (7:01)
4. Meditatum IV (8:56)
5. Meditatum V (4:56)
6. Meditatum VI (7:13)
IX – Guitars, Vocals
VRDRBR – Drums