Eerie – Into Everlasting Death


EerieYear: 2014

Country of Origin: Poland

Record Label: Arachnophobia Records

Review by: Singleton

The band Eerie was recommended to me by chance from a friend of mine as I was picking up an order of records. He adamantly said that I needed to check out this album. Given our historical and consistent similarities in music taste creating a trust for recommendation, I added “Into Everlasting Death” into my collection and went on with the listening….

In the first song,”Mining Out of Black Earth”,  consider the following devastating quote: “It’s all one ghetto man, a giant gutter in outer space”. Firmly declaring their feelings from the beginning, Eerie wastes no time pulling out the punches once this desolate sound clip ends. Immediately shredding into verse, propelled with fury and disgust, they play nearly reckless, yet with an ease of control.

The song, “Mining Out of Black Earth” is crafted well; it has highs and lows, without feeling like it drags out too long, which is a feat as it clocks in at over 7 minutes in length. The difference of high and lows adds a great extra layer of depth and breadth as the vocals fluctuate alongside. This well­crafted fluctuation draws the music gracefully into a realm above the conventional bread and butter black metal. In the end chorus, Eerie cleanly sings, “Mining out of Black Earth Rampant urge towards Perdition” This departure clearly shows the depth of the bands ability, and the sung chorus is catchy, yet has a tone of desolation denoted within the tracks catacombs.

Reaching the title track, “Into Everlasting Death,” Eerie shows no sign of slowing. Into Everlasting Death marches on with the grim determination of those with nothing left to lose but their words from their mouths. The words manifest as if they they have been ripped out from the throat that has been brought to its knees under the weight of what it must speak. “Beyond Perception Repulsion, Negation Falling by the cold winds Into Everlasting Death”.  Hypnotic and well measured in pace, the progression driving forward never devolves into a plague of mindless blast beats. Effortless transitions are offered showcasing juxtaposition between tremolo riffing and drawn out notes. Words roar out between desperate gasps and grim certainty. Certainly, the voice of those close to death is echoed. The stark difference of vocal style and smooth maturity with which it is utilized is clearly evident. The last stanza clearly offers this truth, “Repent not as I shine Proud to be renounced of humanity Come forth, redemption let me wither!”

The transition between “Into Everlasting Death” and “Among the Ashes” is nearly seamless, The fleeting thought and the lost impression can’t helped but be explored; although these songs are now separate, they flow so well that they could be one lengthy track . From the end of one sprouts the roots of the other. Eerie creates a superb ebb and swell of their music, with no feeling of time wasted or effort forcedly exerted. The evolutionary change, the decomposition of feelings are inescapable “The worlds, don’t differ at all….” expresses a kind of exhaustion, a living death has opened from a collapse… Guitars pluck and wail dissonant as if heard from a distance, and bursting back forth with the revitalization of one who refuses, or isn’t allowed, to perish. Again with the ferocity experienced throughout the album, a feeling of being cornered and screaming is conjured. It is as if there is no other way out, and no choice but to express what burns hollow inside the artist. “Amen, I tell ye the worlds don’t differ at all” Condemning, absolute and without question the line is delivered, over and over. “Blinded by shining horizon of the night I wander…..” “…among the ancient woods” Of Descending Moon is the final movement of “Into Everlasting Death”. Connected together by such fine threads of despair, so very strongly, as if biological. There is no summarization of the parts that can do justice to the whole ­­ no vague attempt is worthy. A piece of this album does not sound right, without the whole, before and after.