The Wolves of Avalon-‘Across Corpses Grey’

The Wolves of Avalon-‘Across Corpses Grey’

Godreah Records

Reviewed by Steve Earles

Ten out of Ten

It is music such as that made by the Wolves of Avalon that restores my faith in music as tangible and meaningful form of art.

Musically it is superb; all the musicians are at the top of their game and play their hearts out. The list of guests who joins the Wolves of Avalon in each track is truly impressive, all adding, rather than distracting to the body of work they all contribute to.

This is music made for just the right reasons. The title track is a prog-pagan epic of thirty minutes duration, yet it does not feel overlong. This is music unencumbered by the rules that blight the metal scene. Metatron has produced the best lyrics in a long impressive career and his vocals have never felt more heartfelt and sincere. They are truly poetic; beautiful heartfelt odes to a world light years away from the imaginary isolated digital world so many now find themselves self imprisoned in.

The vocals of James Marinos and Hildr Valkyrie form an appropriate counterpoint. Flute is provided by Sasha Mason and Aylena Dubrovina; whether it is Black Sabbath or Cathedral in the past, the flute adds a suitably ethereal quality to the music herein. Violin is provided by Kat Evans and Avrid Vermete, and truly adds to further organic dimension and reality to what in any genre whatsoever is a superb piece of music.

The packaging and artwork is fabulous, reflecting Godreah’s commitment to the physical product of music in the face of a world that increasingly devalues music by stealing it, and in the process, foolishly destroying the future of the music they profess falsely to love.

A fine cover of Nokturnal Mortum’s ‘The Voice of Steel’ follows; the Wolves do it justice while making their own mark on this fine tune.

Last, but by no means least, it features an incredible cover of Venom’s ‘Die Hard’, which features original (and best) Venom guitarist Mantas, and as well as Metatron on vocals Alan Averill from Primordial, Rob Miller from Amebix/Tau Cross, and Mirai from Sigh, all guest on vocals, to make this a truly special cover.

Just looking at this review, how many albums this year will I be able to write thusly about?