Orcrypt – Mercenaries of Mordor

Iron Pegasus Records

Reviewed by Steve Earles

Ten out of Ten

AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! 2016 gets off to a good start with the debut album from the splendidly named Orcrypt, the equally splendidly named ‘Mercenaries of Mordor.’

Now, I pay this album the highest compliment when I say this is a Fenriz album to its molten metal core. The production is clear but pleasingly lo-fi, indeed the artwork boasts ‘Mastered Demo Tape Aesthetic’, and as it is written, so it is done. There are no modern metal sounds to be heard here. I will see, however, that the bass guitar sound is pleasing prominent and raw in the mix, it reminds me of the sound of heavy duty wire vibrating. Indeed, it has a similar sound to their demo, also reviewed at Destructive Music.

Then there are the influences, Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Old Forest, Bathory, Darkthron circa ‘Panzerfaust’, there are no Disney style orchestra flourishes here.

The songs are just that, songs, all influenced by the likes of Tolkien, and very catchy.

Then there are the three-piece band that is Orcrypt, all are fine musicians and this is a proper band, as opposed to a one-man project. Some killer bass and drums, and fine guitar solos. I also like the occasional atmospheric samples that crop up from time-to-time

Lastly, this is as heavy as hell, (the band describe their sound as ‘Pure Goblin Black Metal’) but very uplifting!

So, to conclude, let us join with Orcrypt and keep the low-fi Black Metal cult alive!