Live Review – Crom Dubh @ The Black Heart, 13/11/2015



Presenting their debut album ‘Heimweh’ (Review link on the bottom) – one of the albums of the year  – I was curious if the band will manage to bring the atmosphere of the album onto the stage. 

Of course they did. Backed by some excellent drumming (a joy to watch for a drummer like me) there was a sense of foreboding throughout the short 45 minutes they played. The stage isn’t big enough for having 4 people on stage, so movement was naturally a bit restricted, but then the band didn’t need much to create an intense and ferocious atmosphere. I would even say live the album sounds much more intense than on record. Shivers down my spine etcetera. 

Blasting through songs like ‘Sedition’, ‘Heimweh’, ‘Sailing To Byzantium’ – well, basically the whole album – the band played tight and on the spot, leaving nothing behind – guitarist Vrath especially kicked ass. 

The audience was holding back for the first few songs, definitely not later on. Plenty of shaking fists, headbanging and nodding to each other “Great gig, isn’t it!”. 

This was one of those gigs where you’d say in the future: ‘I was there!’ This band is destined for big things.


Review & photo: Susanne Sinmara