Orcrypt-‘The Mirkwood Massacre’

Orcrypt-‘The Mirkwood Massacre’


Seven out of Ten

Reviewed by Steve Earles

Describing their music as Orc Metal (and why not, as Ozzy Osbourne once said ‘one day we’ll even have hoover metal!’).

If I described Orcrypt’s music as a cross between early Meads of Asphodel (particularly in the superb keyboards), Immortal, Bal-Sagoth, and Bathory, you’d only be halfway there.

Their song-writing is top-notch, heavy but really catchy and well-composed. The keyboards add some atmosphere, and when it get’s heavy, it’s ragnorok!

The production is just right, clear but early Bathory raw!

Finally, it has to be said, Orcrypt’s music is adventurous and uplifting, the way metal should be.

Into the crypt!