Torver/Arcane North-‘From Moonrise to Moonset’ Split

Torver/Arcane North-‘From Moonrise to Moonset’ Split

Blackwood Productions

Reviewed by Steve Earles

Nine out of Ten

We need to see more split releases in the UK metal underground. The past record for this is strong. We have had such fine split releases as Old Corpse Road/The Meads of Asphodel’s ‘The Bones of This Land Are Not Speechless/British Black Metal Punks’ and ‘The Infernal Sea/Old Corpse Road’s ‘Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites’.

We can now add Torver/Arcane North’s ‘From Moonrise to Moonset’ to that list!

I had never heard Torver before and was greatly impressed indeed. Their musicianship and song writing is first class…full of atmosphere. The use of the violin courtesy of vocalist Nicholas Miller gives Torver the range and depth of such bands as My Dying Bride and Skyclad. Which is as it should be, there should be no constraints on creativity.

Arcane North continue to progress mightily and are worthy equals of Torver on this split. Their music is infused with dark majestic poetry, taking inspiration from the moors and forests, the places that mankind has not yet despoiled.

A superb release…fine music crafted for all the right reasons.