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Necromantic Worship – s/t

Necromantic Worship

Nuclear War Now! Productions – July 2015

8/10 – Michael Hing

Taking their cue from Greek Black Metal masters, NECROMANTIA of using only bass guitars and drums for their compositions, the derivatively named NECROMANTIC WORSHIP present their first EP. Despite their crap name, the San Franciscan band have delivered a very Mediterranean piece of Black Metal art.

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Root – Zjeveni

Label: I Hate Records
Release date: 27.08.2015

9/10 – Michael Hing

 I have to admit, despite having been aware of Root for a while and owning one of their latter albums. This is the first time I have dived into their legendary ‘Zjeveni’ (a word meaning ‘Demon’ or ‘Ghost’ apparently) debut. In truth this is one record I have been meaning to listen to properly for a good while, so perfect opportunity to do just that. The good folk over at NWN have opted to put out a re-release of this debut no doubt to be lapped up by those that missed out the first time as well as obsessive collectors.

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Skepticism – Ordeal


Svart Records

Jamie Cansdale – 9/10

There are very few words in the English language that do any justice in describing the music that Skepticism have produced in their twenty-four year history. Majestic is one such word; intense is another. Whether you love the genre or not, it is simply futile to deny that these Finns are the master craftsmen of all the funeral doom storytellers. Ordeal, their fifth album and first for Svart Records, is further evidence of this, taking their pioneering sound one step further by recording in front of a live audience at Klubi in Turku, capturing the organic atmosphere of their sound as well as reminding us of a time when bands would record their albums live in the studio.

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