Gig review: Inconcessus Lux Lucis @ The Black Heart, 15/8/2015

SAM_7796Apologies for the bad picture, I didn’t take my DSLR with me to the gig.

I was very much looking forward to seeing this band live, since their last output Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite was one of my favourite albums of last year.

They certainly didn’t disappoint during their live gig at the Black Heart in Camden last Saturday. Sadly they played only for about 25 minutes, but the show they did was well worth attending the gig. Sandwiched between Vacivus and Deitus, they should have been the head liner in my opinion – their material is just simply too good for a support slot for such a small gig. Nonetheless, the audience seemed to enjoy it, and by the end there were a fair few banging their heads. Leather jackets an shirtless , smudgy corpse paint and plenty of sweat, they reminded me of One Tail One Head in furiousity and ferocity.

Their dirty 70ies/80ies rock influenced blackened thrash (well, kind of hard to describe) translates fantastically live, and if you enjoyed their last album, go and see them live if you can. 

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