Necromantic Worship – s/t

Necromantic Worship

Nuclear War Now! Productions – July 2015

8/10 – Michael Hing

Taking their cue from Greek Black Metal masters, NECROMANTIA of using only bass guitars and drums for their compositions, the derivatively named NECROMANTIC WORSHIP present their first EP. Despite their crap name, the San Franciscan band have delivered a very Mediterranean piece of Black Metal art.

The intro of opening song ‘Nergal, The Raging King’ reminds me of a vibe that wouldn’t be out of place on a prog album, as Nergal himself is summoned before the track kicks in proper. The NECROMANTIA and Greek Black Metal influences are present as the opening track kicks in proper. Starting off with melodic riffs aplomb, the track eventually forces you to descend as choirs chant and keyboards echo, dragging us down further into hellfire before the keyboard interlude comes in to lead us to third track ‘The Dark Young of Shub Niggurath’.

Generally we are used to bands more of the bestial side when it comes to label, Nuclear War Now!, so when we see music of this quality and showing this level of overwhelming evil as well as brutality, it always makes for a pleasant surprise (or at least it would be had I not already been given an idea of the release’s excellence prior to my listening). A worthy piece of music to add to your collection.