Defect Designer-‘Ageing Accelerator’


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Sleazy Rider Records

Norwegian death metal band Defect Designer’s new album is intriguingly named ‘Aging Accelerator’ and it’s their second full length.

‘Crusaders’ is the most straightforward song the album, melding old riffs with fresh tunes. I can imagine this is a blast to play live, literally as it’s not a million miles away from grindcore.” Lyrically it’s about war and hypocrisy

Band mainman Dmitry Sukhinin comments on this album’s line-up: “After the first line-up dissolved I was so desperate that I wrote to a few people and got the recording line-up,” explains Dmitry Sukhinin. “Septic Flesh’s Seth proposed his brother Christos to help with the orchestration, Christos proposed Septic Flesh’s live guitar player Stelos to do guitars. Flo from Cryptopsy did the drums, because he was actually my main drum inspiration. I did bass, and during the recording I met Martin who was in Trollfest before, he did clean vocals and some solos along with my solos. Then the real line-up started to build and we have Anders from Blood Red Throne. As for me, I also play in Oslo jazz death metal band Diskord.”

On the track ‘Corpse Watcher’, the band shows themselves to be incredibly tight, and truly original in their sound. Lyrically, the song is about the tradition of ‘waking’ a dead body.

‘The Terrible’ is about Ivan the Terrible, musically it dazzles with fluid soloing, amazing time changes and crushing riffs.

Dmitry sums up album highlight ‘Communist Architectronics’ in his own unique words, explaining how it “is about disgusting architectural style USSR used to contaminate the cities with exploding old cathedrals, churches and something that was really beautiful and replacing it with atrocious concrete.”

The album ends with a splendid instrumental ‘Stardust’, think ‘Orion’ and you’re only halfway there.

At a time when metal seems to have more rules than ever before, Defect Designer have thrown away the rulebook to create a work that is heavy, inspiring and unique, and for that they should rightly be applauded.