BLACK FEAST – Larenuf Jubileum

Black Feast cover

Nuclear War Now! Productions

7/10 – Michael Hing

Given their penchant for extra-long stage names (‘Demonomancer of the Rising Curse of Witchery), it is fairly obvious that Black Beast take their musical cues from the likes of the early 90’s Finnish and Canadian Black Metal scenes, with a sound which is entirely derivative of Beherit’s early grinding output, which will be familiar to fans of ‘The Oath of Black Blood’ album. This is a compilation of the ‘Worship of Darkness’ and ‘Abominations of Darkness’ demo tapes as well as some extra goodies released by Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead.


It is fairly obvious that Black Feast has absolutely no intention of reinventing the wheel if their tracks are anything to go by, and this is indeed quite an accurate recreation of the early Beherit sound. Its decent enough music, yet you are left with an overwhelming sense of “What’s the point?” Having said that, the music isn’t unenjoyable and will definitely appeal to those that were disappointed by the fact that Beherit progressed onto ‘Drawing Down the Moon’. Despite my blatant criticisms against it, I have to admit I actually enjoyed this release all the same, something I must say even I am surprised about as typically I have little time for photocopy bands. Recommended if the description sounds like it would be up your street.