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Ahab – The Boats of the Glen Carrig


Napalm Records, 2015

9/10 – Jamie Cansdale

All at once there came a low, muttered growl, stealing across the land; and immediately the crying was quenched in its sullen thunder.” And thus it is within the pages of William Hope Hodgson’s 1907 nautical tale of horror and survival that we find the perfect description for Ahab’s fourth album. The Boats of the Glen Carrig is as frightening a work of musical splendour as its source material, the archaic sea tale of the passengers and crew of the “Glen Carrig” who survive the fears and terrors of many a lost world. Featuring an array of monsters, of which none more horrific than the weed-men, the album cuts into the narrative and fixates on the horrors our seafarers face. The extent of its fascination with the weed-men and devil-fish can be seen on its gloriously colourful artwork adding to our fear of the deep.

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Defect Designer-‘Ageing Accelerator’


9/10 Steve Earles

Sleazy Rider Records

Norwegian death metal band Defect Designer’s new album is intriguingly named ‘Aging Accelerator’ and it’s their second full length.

‘Crusaders’ is the most straightforward song the album, melding old riffs with fresh tunes. I can imagine this is a blast to play live, literally as it’s not a million miles away from grindcore.” Lyrically it’s about war and hypocrisy

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BLACK FEAST – Larenuf Jubileum

Black Feast cover

Nuclear War Now! Productions

7/10 – Michael Hing

Given their penchant for extra-long stage names (‘Demonomancer of the Rising Curse of Witchery), it is fairly obvious that Black Beast take their musical cues from the likes of the early 90’s Finnish and Canadian Black Metal scenes, with a sound which is entirely derivative of Beherit’s early grinding output, which will be familiar to fans of ‘The Oath of Black Blood’ album. This is a compilation of the ‘Worship of Darkness’ and ‘Abominations of Darkness’ demo tapes as well as some extra goodies released by Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead.

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