Pale From Sunlight – Love Was Never An Option

pale from sunlight

Release Date: 19 April 2015

7/10 – review by Theodor Bishop

PALE FROM SUNLIGHT’S latest album ‘Love Was Never An Option’ is an album that invites the listener into a sound world created by the two band members Krullnaag (instruments) and Vemetrith (vocals).

Something that particularly impressed me about this album was the opening riff from the first track ‘River Oaks’ which consists of a triplet motif which, when mixed with the drumming, creates a polyrhythm against the two-time beat of the percussion. This opening motif is interesting because it is echoed in the last track, ‘Last Sunset’. This gives a sense of unity about the album, making this album an experience like a musical or meditative journey.

If one wants to be a genre-snob, this album doesn’t quite fit the DSBM mould in that it does not have a strong sense of rawness about it. However there is a very strong atmospheric feel. In what this album lacks in DSBM rawness, Pale From Sunlight more than make up in their instrument-driven rich guitar harmonies, technical drumming and vocals which are pefectly mixed along the instrument tracks so that every nuance of a scream is captured.


Each track creates a different world, ‘Out of Reach’ uses some nice death metal style riffs without being too ‘technical’, while also keeping the atmospheric sound, while ‘Till Death does his part’ is more mellow and sedate. Pale from Sunlight get the lo fi sound just right, to add those crunchy sounds and and high gained drones that are complementary to the playing without trying to sound too distorted.

In summary, Pale from Sunlight’s latest album is one of many colours, which makes for an ideal listen as ambient background music or for a more intensive solitary listen and works great if you are aiming to listen to more ambient/atmospheric black metal. This album is best appreciated listening to all of the tracks in one go. It is not strongly of the despairing and suicidal extremity that I would like in DSBM.