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Alda – Passage

Alda - Passage


Bindrune Recordings, 2015


The eagerly awaited follow up to the grandiose last album :Tahoma: has finally arrived – and it does not disappoint. ALDA from Tacoma, Washington, USA deliver with their new album Passage yet another dreamy piece of music that will make you close your eyes, enjoy and smile.

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Book Reviews: Pen & Sword July 2015

Tank Battles of World War 1 ’ by Bryan Cooper

Published by Pen & Sword Military

Reviewed by Steve Earles

It is fair to say that the failure to exploit the military potential of the tank greatly extended both the length of World War One, and the death and suffering of the men on both sides.

Look at the battles of the Somme, Passchendael and Ypres for proof.

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Pentagram – Curious Volume

Pentagram Curious Volume cover

Peaceville Records – August 2015

7/10 – Jamie Cansdale

It’s hard to talk about Pentagram without mentioning its tumultuous history or Liebling’s personal life, both aspects we are familiar with. But given the majority of Curious Volume’s lyrical themes deal with the vocalist’s struggle with his personal demons, it’s important for the (new) listener to understand that his battle with some of the hardest narcotics known to man has led to numerous line-up changes and the breakdown of Liebling’s marriage. Keeping with Victor Griffin and Greg Turley, the band are set to release this, their 8th record, on Peaceville Records, who will also release the documentary Last Days Here in the UK later in the year.

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Grift – Syner


Nordvis – 18 September 2015

10/10 – Susanne Sinmara

I’m still reeling from the beauty of the split EP that GRIFT released with Saiva at the beginning of this year, and here comes the debut album: SYNER (Swedish for visions).

Ah, such beautiful music. 6 songs that sweep you away into pure musical bliss. This is the sort of melancholic black metal that just sends shivers down my spine.

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Doom Snake Cult – Love, Sorrow, Doom

doom snake cult - cover

Nuclear War Now! Productions

9/10 – Jamie Cansdale

It doesn’t get more “cult” than this, ladies and gentlemen. When metal aficionados discuss rare albums by the most obscure bands odds are, if they know their doom, this gem will be mentioned, and hopefully with the highest regard. Thankfully, the folks at NWN! have made obtaining this record originally released in ’92 (yet recorded two years before) a whole lot easier. Cunningly abbreviated to LSD, this is an album so far apart from other death/doom records at the time. This maybe down to geography – the band came from Las Vegas, whereas many of the more recognisable names of the genre such as Winter, Mythic and Dérketa were on the other end of the continent.

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