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Curse Upon A Prayer – Rotten Tongues

Curse Upon A Prayer - Rotten Tongues - Artwork


Inverse Records, 2015

9/10 – Susanne Sinmara

Melodic, incredibly catchy Black Metal from Finland – this is CURSE UPON A PRAYER in a nutshell. The band have only formed in 2010, and Rotten Tongues is their second album already. From the first song onwards, The Distant Chaos, to the last song, White Ghost, the band has the great ability to write songs that don’t just stick, they have drive and bring enough variation into the mix to not make it boring – and it doesn’t feel forced, it just works.

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I’m looking for album and gig reviewers for Destructive Music​ – spread the word…. Genres: Mostly Black Metal, occasionally Doom, and a bit of (Neo) Folk/Martial/Industrial. Occasionally some Death Metal, but definitely not bog standard Thrash or anything -core, and definitely no technical Death Metal. Reasonable English is a must, as is reliability.

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