XUL – Extinction Necromance


Reviewed by Steve Earles

Eight out of Ten

There are many pluses for XUL. Firstly, they are very much a live band rather than a project, and his gives a very organic feel to their music.

Secondly, hailing from British Columbia in Canada has enabled them to take their influences: Behemoth, Emperor, Immortal, and Morbid Angel, and meld them into an original sound.

If there is one band that XUL have truly taken to Heart it is Death circa ‘Spiritual Healing’ onwards, not so much in sound (though the high quality of their playing certainly bears comparison, and those spacey solos are very much in the same league) but in the spirit of musical adventure, there is a lot going on here, both with the music and lyrics.

There are no trite clichés here, a great deal of imagination is on display. Also, in terms of production and cover artwork (seriously good, it screams to be seen on vinyl), they put many a more high profile band to shame.

All the tracks are very good, particularly the almost Celtic Frost- like in it’s majesty ‘Orbit of Nemesis’, which really points the direction XUL should take with their next album.

A very worthy album from a very worthy band