SOL – Where Suns Come to Die

SOL Where Suns Come To Die - Lo res album cover

Cold Spring Records

9/10 – Michael Hing

In a world of seemingly fading beauty where the ugliness of industrialization rears it’s ever more permeating ugly head destroying what little of worth still exists in favour of profit and worldwide mono-culturalism. As the press release suggests, “The music reflects on a nostalgia and a feeling of disconnection to the modern world.

Holding on to what last shreds of beauty still lingers ‘Where Suns Come To Die’ is a reminder that life is with end and we all must offer ourselves to the soil.” The music is reflective of such deep levels, with a feeling of ancientness soaking through the atmosphere and dark ambience. Thomas Bøjden of neo-folk ensemble Die Weisse Rose provides vocals, and a very effective job he does too. There is an overarching sense of melancholy over the entire album. It reminds me of the lamentations of A.E. Housman’s poetry which laments the passing of English tradition and the death of village life. This album is surprisingly quite beautiful and makes you long for this romanticized vision of a more beautiful world more connected to nature.


There is a moodiness to it all, but all four tracks bring forth images of trees swinging peacefully in the breeze, or of fields swamped in Autumn twilight. This captures something which many NSBM/Pagan Black Metal bands often attempt to but fail at, which is a true sense of nostalgia for old Europe. Not quite Neo-Folk, nor neo-Classical, this almost transcends any notion of genre and instead is almost pure atmosphere. It feels as if there is something ancient beneath every note and every rustle of wind. Beautiful, yet almost inexpressible as to why that is. Cold Spring triumphs again. [9/10]