MZ. 412 – Hekatomb

MZ412 Hekatomb - Lo res album cover 600px

Cold Spring Records

8/10 – Michael Hing

A new release from Cold Spring by the until recently defunct MZ. 412. The inventors of ‘Black Industrial’ are back with ‘Hekatomb’. I have been impressed by earlier albums such as ‘Nordik Battle Signs’ and ‘Infernal Affairs’, so this latest release has a lot to live up to.

Instead of any song titles, each track is instead divided into acts, with ‘Act I’ serving as a introduction before ‘Act II’ comes forth with its martial rhythms and neo-classical drama. The music is certainly memorable, reminding you of the dramatic music of horror movies of the 50’s and 60’s as the great demon is revealed to the audience. After this initial great reveal, the sound reverts back to Dark Ambient Industrial soundscapes to generate a creepy atmosphere, the ambience making you think of rattling cell doors and dank dungeons of a dilapidated mental hospital. Voices are heard, women seem to weep in the claustrophobic darkness.


I have also always found MZ. 412’s music perfectly contributory in the background while looking through the artistic masterpieces of Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. This is no exception, the music sounding somehow organic yet also mechanistic at the same time, like many of Giger’s bio-mechanoid pieces. Nordvargr Bjorkk has an immense talent for compelling you and sucking you in with pretty much anything he puts his hand to, and his latest foray into darkness alongside his comrades is no exception. I spent the entire album pretty much mesmerized, showing that MZ. 412’s new lease of life is in no way unwelcome. Those whom enjoyed their previous output will not be disappointed by their latest plunge into darkness.