MOLOCH – Die Isolation

MOLOCH Die Isolation - Lo res album cover for web

Cold Spring

8/10 – Michael Hing

From the dark Carpathian Mountains comes Moloch. The dark ambient intro sets the tone perfectly as an intro, before descending into mid-paced sparse riffs as the album opens up properly with ‘Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts’.


Despite having a sound typical of hundreds of substandard below par Black Metal albums, Moloch have something unique in the air compared to many others. Instead of relying on tremolo picking for about half an hour, main man Sergiy Fjordsson uses his playing to create an effect more similar to that of Dark Ambient music, tying in with the more typical output of Cold Spring records. This creates an effect which Is genuinely sinister, something which bands of a similar quality are unable to accomplish. I am prior unfamiliar with this lot, but some brief research reveals their output has been quite extensive since their debut demo tape ‘Чернее чем тьма’ (don’t ask me to pronounce it, I copied and pasted it from metal archives) in 2004, with a discography that will rival the likes of Nunslaughter and Abigail for extensiveness no doubt. Despite their gigantic output, it seems Sergiy is far from running out of good ideals. This is an excellent release with a unique atmosphere that swallows you into the depths of an ice cold Hell which will freeze you to death. The album finishes with a 22 minute Dark Ambient piece, which fits the overall mood perfectly with an atmosphere more typical of a Klaus Schulze album than a Black Metal one. Top notch.