Riti Occulti – s/t


8/10 – Reviewed by Steve Earles

Two good reference points for Riti Occulti would be Electric Wizard and Neurosis. There is the same black hole density riffing you would find with Electric Wizard, this is couple with soundscapes reminiscent of the spirit of adventure of Neurosis. At times, they even reminded me of Lemmy-era Hawkwind, there is a certain spaciness to their sound, there also something of early Monster Magnet.

But they blend these influences into something new, and that’s always good to hear. There’s also some serious effort in the song-writing department which is to be applauded.

The bass guitar is outstanding and its interplay with the drums and keyboards is wondrous to hear, like a sludgy version of Zombi.

An engaging and adventurous album, not for the musically narrow-minded, but well worth listening too.

band photo