Flukt – Holocaust


SkyBurnsBlack Records, 2015

7/10 – Susanne Sinmara

Machine guns, planes and shouting is the intro to the aptly titled first song Frontline Brutality of the EP called Holocaust by Norway’s FLUKT. You would be almost forgiven to think that by looking at the cover, the music is going to be Thrash – a black and white drawing of gas mask wearing soldiers with guns and at tank in an apocalyptic setting.


Alas, it is dirty, old school Norwegian Black Metal with occasional whirring guitar leads and pounding skank beat drums, mostly in mid tempo. Rasping dual layered vocals spitting hatred about war and the odd thrash element, for example on the title song Holocaust. 

It’s 3 full songs and a short one, lasting just under 20 minutes, making this a neat little debut EP.