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Just a few hours before they hit the stage of the Black Heart in London, I had an interesting interview with V. Priest of Greek ACHERONTAS:

S: What are you musical influences outside metal? You have so many different kinds of music that are not metal, bands or generally?

V Priest: Of course the old era of the 90ies,  bands from the underground scene, the classic ones from the Scandinavian scene as well as the Hellenic scene, which was very strong in the late 90ies. So, outside metal circle I can say that most of the people behind the coven are more close to ritual dark ambient, martial, folk, classical folk and traditionalist music and the more experimental music outside of metal.

S: So not any specific Eastern/Indian music, or Egyptian music?

V. Priest: I am not searching specific ritualistic Music that is under the indian or egyptian atmosphere but in general to serve a spiritual purpose behind.Of course tunes that have this Aura are many and is in my core of my interest.


S: Who did the artwork for Ma-Ion?

V. Priest: The CD jewel case and the vinyl were made by Cold Poison, with a 25 page booklet with all the lyrics and philosophical texts of the album. We wanted to do something unique – I’m a fan of Aural Hypnox label, it’s the best label that represents something unique, how to embrace spirituality with the art of music.

I contacted Aural Hypnox and asked him to create a handmade edition out of the standarsthat will include all the lyrics and philosophical texts, like the normal edition. It will also contain cards that will have all the sigils of the Coven on it, and  incense that I found in a place in Greece, which was created in a monastery. Also serpent skin in a special case.

S: How much does Shamanism influence you? I perceive your music as very shamanistic – do you practice Shamanism as such?

V. Priest: Everything we include in the Coven is usually philosophical and part of our experiences, nothing that we do and create in the Coven is just based on theory. Most of the Individuals in the Coven are behind such activities, secret societies. We wanted to do something different than what we used to do with the Coven, that is based on the Religions and Mysteries of East. We had a meeting with Scorpio, and we told him that we must create something more shamanistic. It’s about lifeless creations – everything of these so called modern activities – shamanism – is based on ancient East and later of course ancient Greece. Everything is connected to each other. I don’t use the term ‘this is shamanism, this is left hand path, this is right hand path’ – these are just terms used by modern occultists to manipulate the masses. Of course there are differences in the historical and religious ways, but after initiation each individual can understand that all of this is just symbolism, and it’s all one. There is no East Magick Greek magick etc. These are only mind-breaks. After you start to look behind your shadow side, you realise that everything is one. But this is not something you can describe, But only something you can experience.

This is why we don’t reveal too much in our albums and interviews. The challenge is for the individual to search alone. Everyone has to find their own path. It’s pathetic to see all these bands to give interviews and speak so much about stuff, because certain science must remain hidden, hermetically closed. Some things can see the lights of the masses, but not everything.


S: I agree – not everyone will understand it anyway, and also it’s pointless to explain certain things to the mass of people because they wouldn’t understand and aren’t interested anyway.

V. Priest: Yeah, but you know that bands and people always use the occult to push themselves out and give the impression that they are higher beings and to promote themselves as magicians to feel important in society and to escape from teh misery of their empty lives

S: … and to make themselves look interesting…

V. Priest: Yes. I think this is sacrilege.

S: In that vein, are you familiar with Peter J. Carroll’s books Liber Null & Psychonaut, about Chaos Magick?

V. Priest: Yes, I used to study and practice Chaos Magick before 5,6 years, and I have respect for Peter Carroll. He is one of the few who used the term ‘Chaos Magick’ by its real meaning, in a more scientific way. Then many came onto this current and the Chaos Magick that was used to promote to the masses was not Chaos Magick, that was mumbo jumbo. There was a pollution in this current and not only there.

I read an interview with Carroll that said that many people have wrote books later, this created fights between communities and Chaos Magick societies. But Peter Carroll writes about great topics that you can work with. That has nothing to do with which path you cross. Everything can be used inside. It’s like Alchemy.


S: It gives you ideas and you work from that. I’ve read the books and I have to admit that I haven’t understood everything – when it gets too mathematical and scientific, and I know I’m not the only one who had that problem. But it gives you so many ideas you can work with and evolve from there. 

What is the meaning behind Ma-Ion?

V. Priest: I can tell you that the new album is dedicated to the draconian mother. It has many meanings behind, you can call it the great Mother Dragon, we can say that everyone can embrace the female shadow side behind the Mother. I cannot say more. The new album is full of vibrations. Feel all of these vibrations, search behind the philosophical texts and the lyrics. I think it’s not good to give our full intentions behind the album, because it’s better to work with your mind. This is the challenge of music.

S: I agree!

Thank you very much for the interview.

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