Ether – Hymns of Failure


8/10 – Reviewed by Steve Earles 

Metal often uses images of occult to express it’s feeling, but we have no need for symbols to express pain, despair, or grief. For a cursory glance at the world we live in will give ample cause for grief, and it is within us, that the reaction to outside simulki takes effect. We so often pretend it doesn’t but deep within we know the truth, we are sum total of our experiences and our own reaction to them.

Thus, Ether have to applauded to digging deep into their own psyches and producing an album that elegant expresses the depths of despair hidden in the human soul.

Musically, the band serve the song at all time, no distractions from what they have to say, only superb song-writing.

An album created by the brave for the brave. An album for those who don’t try to turn reality into a sugar-coated falsehood.

An album from the heart for the broken-hearted.