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Dødheimsgard – A Umbra Omega

DHG_A Umbra Omega_frontcover_original_080115

(Peaceville, March 2015)

9.5/10 – review by Antti Mikonmäki

Since 1995, Dødheimsgard has delivered one of my all time absolute favourite Norwegian Black Metal masterpieces. “Kronet Til Konge” was a straightforward and quite primitive album despite some of it’s calmer and more beautiful avant-garde elements, yet showed clear signs of unusual and original creative ideas compared to the bands of those times copying Darkthrone or similar acts. “Monumental Possession” hit the spot when the Black Thrash phenomenon was apparent, containing some of the catchiest riffs and insane chaotic bursts of the genre, while showing the same originality and psychedelia to be later found in all of the band’s releases.

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Myrkgrav – Vonde Auer








Self-released, December 2014

Norwegian one-man folk metal band Myrkgrav have released this single, Vonde Auer, a fantastic blend of old and new. The first song is a typical folk metal song, albeit wonderfully arranged, with Lars Jensen’s distinctive voice, reminding me at times of old Vintersorg. Sung in Norwegian, the lyrics deal with folklore of his hometown, Ringerike.

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DARKENHÖLD – Castellum


Those Opposed Records, September 2014

8/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara

5-piece Darkenhöld from Nice, France, have so far slipped under my radar – they play catchy epic melodic black metal, with a slight mediaeval touch. Luckily they don’t lay on the keyboards too much, just enough to create atmosphere. The lyrical themes are fantasy, castles and the likes – band photos showing them wielding swords underline their lyrical themes. 

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