Macabre Omen – Gods Of War – At War



Label: Ván Records
Release date: March 2013

10/10 – Susanne Sinmara

As Bathory inspired bands goes, MACABRE OMEN are amongst the best. The band was founded in 1994 on the island of Rhodos in Greece, however mainman Alexandros moved to London in the meantime.

I expected somehow Greek Black Metal when I first heard of the band (always peeks my interest), but I was even more pleasantly surprised when I listened to Gods Of War – At War for the first time. 

Epic, yet still edgy enough. Not a total Bathory clone, but with their own distinct style. More rough in parts, like on the title song for example. The choirs aren’t overwhelming, and there are plenty of fast parts with melodies that are just pure delight. Alexandros’ (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, songwriter) voice ranges from guttural death metal vocals to high pitched screams and spoken voice. 


The 8 songs are between 5 and 9 minutes long, there’s some Greek folklore (Man of 300 Voices, Alexandros’ Ode A and Ode B) and the lyrics revolve around war, death and Rhodian lore. 

The pounding drums are courtsey of  TJF Vallely, and Greg Chandler’s usual great production at Priory Studios makes this is already a strong contender to album of the year. Seriously, check the album out, if you’re into epic black metal this is for you.

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