Interview: Portrait

I caught Swedish trad metal band PORTRAIT last week just before they hit the stage with Malthusian, Winterfylleth and Primordial at their London gig. A slightly exhausted guitarist Christian Lindell answered a few of my questions:


Portrait 2


What can you tell us about the tour?

Actually, we are not part of the same tour – this is the last day of our own tour and we just joined for this gig. We found out that another band was booked, but we talked to Primordial and they made us part of this bill here instead, so the shows won’t clash – much better.

What current music would you recommend at the moment?

I like Swedish band Ram, with whom we’re friends with (they did a split with them recently), also Rabid Bitch Of The North, an Irish band, and Void Moon, a doom metal band.

What was your favourite album last year?

Last year it was Judas Priest with Redeemer Of Souls, and Accept – Blind Rage and the Nifelheim Mini LP Satanatas, and the Hellion album Karma’s Bitch. There were some other, but these were my favourites.

Portrait 1

Any music you definitely do not like or won’t listen to?

I’m not at all into this retro-70ies rock thing, it’s very popular in Sweden right now. I’m very tired with that. It’s always like that – when one band pops up, a thousand follow.

Hipster, basically…

Yes, exactly, I’m a bit tired of that.

Any plans of a new album?

Yes, we are working on new material, we had about 3 or 4 songs ready. We’re planning on releasing some time next year, probably second half next year.

Any particular direction?

It’s pretty much the same formula, but we’ve developed with each release, though there won’t be any big difference. 

How do you go on with the song writing?

It’s mostly me who writes the music and lyrics, me and the drummer. We rehearse together, just the two of us, and arrange everything. Then everyone has their say in the final outcome. So far, that’s the most common way.

Thank you for the interview, looking forward to tonights gig, good luck!

Thank you!

Link to Review of the gig: