DARKENHÖLD – Castellum


Those Opposed Records, September 2014

8/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara

5-piece Darkenhöld from Nice, France, have so far slipped under my radar – they play catchy epic melodic black metal, with a slight mediaeval touch. Luckily they don’t lay on the keyboards too much, just enough to create atmosphere. The lyrical themes are fantasy, castles and the likes – band photos showing them wielding swords underline their lyrical themes. 

Most of the 10 songs on Castellum are around the 4 minute mark totalling in just over 40 minutes, making it a rather short enjoyment. There’s a definite influence of Bathory, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir to be heard.  They don’t shy away from using trumpets on ‘Glorious Horns’, a ton of gallopping drums, melodies that truly stick in your ears and a good, clear production. 

All in all, a solid album that will please everyone into epic, melodic black metal.