Sangus – Saevitia

8/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara

Blackened Thrash comes two a dozen these days, so it’s hard to come by a decent
output that doesn’t bore after the first 20 seconds. Sangus from Rhode Island, USA, have just
managed that – an EP with 4 songs plus a rather long outro that crush with a furious, fast
blend of spitting hatred and viciousness.

Sung both in Italian and English, which gives it a certain edge – it sounds a lot
more vicious when he’s screaming “Natiii – Natii da Vulcani!!!” – than when
screamed in English. There’s a definite punk influence there – it’s ratty and dirty. If you like the gnarliness of Impaled Nazarene and the more neat Destroyer 666, this is your thing. 

Love the guitar lines – clear and punchy, definitely not leaving anything behind.