Northumbria – Bring Down The Sky


8/10 – review by Susanne Sinmara

Calm, relaxing and powerful, in parts even exhilarating – Canadian ambient drone metal project Northumbria have now released Bring Down The Sky. Dreamy soundscapes woven with guitars and bass, all recorded live in a 19th century church – there are no vocals, no drums, everything depends on the droney, sludgy guitars and amplified bass, all improvised.

I’d even say it is vaguely ethereal, yet has an earthy, organic feel to it. The album cover perfectly illustrates the album – a dry, cracked desert with a sky full of threatening rain clouds, yet sunshine peaking through and illuminating the cracked earth.

Best listened to very loudly on your earphones (perfect commuter music, it drowns out any nastiness of the urban jungle).

One of the rare albums that are over before you can even blink – running past the 40 minute mark.