Idol Of Fear – All Sights Affixed, Ablaze



Reviewed by Steve Earles – 7/10

We shall make an idol of fear and that idol we shall call God.”

From: Ingmar Bergman’s ‘The Seventh Seal’

Idol of Fear take their name from the above quote, and it sums their musical ethos quite well. Their music has the necessary aggression and energy, yet there is an intelligence behind it, a questioning of things. Lyrically, Idol of Fear are spot on, as evidenced on ‘Morningstar’ : ‘Eerie twilight brings the dark/And musty comfort of nostalgic decay/The shearing dissonance, exciting fear/In the terrible purity of a nascent nightmare.’

Musically, the band are competent indeed, they sound like a band rather than a project as is so sadly often the case.

One influence I noticed amongst the expected ones such as Nachtmystium, was that of Neurosis, in Idol of Fear’s summoning of soundscapes. There were occasions too where the spirit of Unearthly Trance moved them.

Overall, a good debut album, from a band I could see progress further with their own identity on the next release.

I must also compliment them on the fine presentation of their album, the artwork from Mark Riddick is superb: this is how it should be.