Saison de Rouille – Deroutes sans fin

6/10 – review by Susanne Sinmara
One day (quite a while ago) I received a vinyl album in the post – never having heard of the band, nor did I know why I got it sent, I contacted the band – and it turned out that it was sent in error. I agreed to review the album nonetheless, even though it’s not really music I would listen to normally.

It took a while for me to review this album – too abstract, too progressive, too ‘mathematical’ – for loss of other terms for this kind of music. Ok, so it’s described by the band as ‘bluesy no-wave industrial music – it’s hard for me to compare this French band to any other band, but maybe the less heavy end of <Code> maybe?

There’s certainly plenty of good musicianship on hand, but after the third song my ears are slowly starting to crumple and it’s getting a bit painful to listen to. That’s just me though, someone who enjoys abstract music like this would probably enjoy it a lot more than I do.

Give it a listen, that’s my best advice: