Athanatos – Unholy Union

athanatos - cover haulix

Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2014

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Athanatos from Chile serves us something different for a change. Although the interest from Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead is evident, this still falls to the “experimental” category in my opinion, rather than being stuff these labels are normally know for. These guys have been active in the local scene of along time, the drummer actually since the eighties, and it shows in the music style as well as in the playing skills.

There is quite an original dissonance-feeling in the riffs, as well as more rocking and Thrashing Metal slaughtering, and at times pure traditional Death and Black Metal mayhem. The cool echo and reverb in the shouting vocals bring to mind the Thrashing bands of old, a very eighties feeling, almost Hardcorish and Punk with it’s attitude. There is a nice stereo mix in the drums, which are played very well, in my opinion very nineties Death Metallic (in terms of sounds and style) with a lot of cool fills.

Lots of changes and different parts in the music to keep things highly interesting, although many pauses may annoy some “simpler” listeners. The more I listen to these songs the more I get the impression these guys are geniuses.

Maybe this as “mathematical” as old school thrash can get without losing it’s touch on it’s origins totally. I’m giving the points from pure expertise, extreme authentic feeling, and pure artistic original madness! Definite check out for all Voivod fans who like “spiritual” Black and Death Metal at the same time!