Grift & Saiva – Skarprättaren & Sjiedvárre

Griftsk Saivask

Nordvis Records

10/10 – Sinmara

End of the year, and you think you’ve heard all the best stuff already. Then – wham – in comes this mighty split EP from Nordvis Records and zooms straight into the top 3. Ok, it’s not a full album, it’s just 2 songs by two Swedish bands, and all together only 17 minutes long, but oh boy, those 17 minutes are emotional.

First off are GRIFT with Skarprättaren. 7 minutes of pure South Swedish gloomy black metal atmosphere. It starts off with the sound of a scythe, instantly evoking a feeling of being in the countryside. An accordion follows with a melancholic melody, before descending into furious black metal, interspersed by quiet folky, melodic passages and a haunting black metal voice.  If you have not heard of Grift before, go and check them out – they have only brought out one EP before, Fyra Elegier, again on Nordvis, and it is fantastic too.


The next song is by SAIVA, hailing from Lappmark in north Sweden. 10 minutes of slow, gloomy  black metal, sung both with clean and black metal vocals, in Swedish. The tempo picks up a bit towards the middle, but never gets fast. 10 very entertaining minutes – again, check out their other output, Finnmarkens Folk.