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Bhleg – Draumr Àst


 Nordvis Produktion, 2014

7/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Bhleg (formed in 2013) from Sweden give little information about themselves. One thing is apparent though: They have done their mid-nineties Black Metal homework well (sitting by the campfire in the woods most likely). This does not mean that their new full-length is completely unoriginal, which it isn’t, but some influences shine out (intentionally or unintentionally) quite clearly.

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Harvest Gulgaltha – I

harvest gulgaltha - lp cover

Nuclear War Now! Productions

Release: 17 September 2014

5/10 – Katie H-Halinski

Harvest Gulgaltha are a band for whom the internet seems barely to have happened, with search engines shrugging when asked about them. In this day and age, a decided lack of information regarding an artist needs a concerted effort, meaning that Harvest Gulgaltha immediately mark themselves out as actually meaning it when they use tags such as “cryptic” to describe themselves, which puts them on a good start in the world of extreme metal.

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Ascension tour Europe in 2015 with Bölzer, Vassafor and Dysangelium


Here’s some sweet news for you: Ascension are touring Europe with
Bölzer (Switzerland), Vassafor (New Zealand) and Dysangelium (Germany)!

London pit stop: 22nd of February.

“Under Four Wings of Death 2015”

19/2 Arnhem/NL
20/2 Brüssel/B (tbc)
21/2 Oberhausen/D (w/o Bölzer)
22/2 London/UK
23/2 Paris/F
24/2 France tba
25/2 France tba
26/2 tba
27/2 tba
28/2 Erfurt/D
1/3 Berlin /D