Nunslaughter / Witchtrap – Split 7”

nunslaughter + witchtrap cover

Hells Headbangers Records, 2014

7/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Nunslaughter has been around since the 80’ies, and every self-respecting underground Black Thrasher most likely knows their repertoire quite well. Their catalogue features easily over a hundred releases, mostly of Split-releases and Ep’s. The songs on this Split offer furious Trashy onslaught with quite technical damping riffs and more traditional German fire, meeting some slight second wave Black Metal workings as well. The drummer punishes mostly with old-school Thrash or D-Beats. The vocals are furious cursings, a pleasure to hear, and probably the most original aspect of the music. The sound is pretty good and clear, maybe a bit more mass would be appreciated in the overall sound, but then again this is Thrash, not Sludge or similar.

Colombian Witchtrap has been around for about 20 years, no small feat either, and offers even more oldschool-sounding Speedy Thrash, with clearer vocals, albeit quite similar riffs. Comparing with the more well-known influences, this has as much in common with old Iron Maiden than with faster 80’ies German Thrash, with necessary hints of Venom of course. Gotta have the fringe hair and pilot shades with this shit. The vocals are quite clear in their shouting of their nasty stories. The drums and guitars are played with equal skill and natural grooves, nothing too special but nothing too bad either.

This will satisfy your retro-Thrash-cravings for awhile for sure. So, if you’re into stuff like spikes, sneakers, denim and leather, open that beer and let it rip!