Evilspell – Necrology


Black Side Records, 2014

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

This album starts off with very old Sepultura-like Thrashing, reminding of “Beneath The Remains” and older, but when the excellent Tom Araya imitation of the high scream hit your ears, and the main vocals enter the stage, you cannot but wonder how the hell a vocalist can actually sound like an infernal mixture of young Bruce Dickinson meeting Tom Araya of “Show No Mercy” -era. In a positive way.

This is not the only case old Slayer-worship to be found here, for if the sound would be more damper and with more reverb, these songs would be very much in the vein of classics such as “Evil Has No Boundaries”, “Black Magic” and so on. Even the EVIL background-choir can be heard in songs like “Heavy Metal Riders”.

All the normal cliches are found in the playing of the drums, but they are played very well. The sounds are nice and clear, with the kick and snare-sounds keeping the hoofs on the move all the way throughout the album. The same goes with the guitars, which are the real thing in every way, no objections there. It’s a work of art, a true gift, to create tens of kick-ass ripping Thrash-riffs without ripping some old classic totally off. Totally Primo Thrashing in all areas of the instruments on this album.


There’s just the right amount of humour to the lyrics and the performance, without being too cheesy or insulting, but not too serious either. It takes style to laugh a bit at ones own genre of serious choice.

Among the thousands of retro-Thrash bands today, Evilspell seems like a fresh experience, even tho there is nothing original or new really in anything they do. But the way they do it is so honest and charismatic somehow, as an old Thrash-freak (but being fed up with young blokes going all eighties just for the sake of it) I’m actually enjoying this album!

LABEL: http://www.blacksiderecords.com/