Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Crux Lupus Corona


I, Voidhanger Records 2014


Antti Mikonmäki

This is the first release I hear form the UK band Inconcessus Lux Lucis, although they have made music with this lineup since 2006 (in the beginning under the name Whorethorn), but I’m guessing these guys have been in the world of underground metal a bit longer than that.

First song of this Ep “Via Dolorosa” is filled with guitar melodies which bring to mind some early heavy bands of the sixties and seventies, like early Thin Lizzy or Deep Purple, and sometimes swedish melodic BM-bands like Ophthalamia and Dissection. The second song “Crux” uses the mediterranen & Middle Eastern rhythms in drums and melodies in guitars, which were introduced largely to the BM world by Melechesh. Also thrashy (Aura Noir style etc.) moments control half of the song. The third song “Lupus” is quite Watain- and Dissection-like in it’s riffs but sounds much older because of the sounds. The fourth song “Corona” sums in it’s calm way pretty nicely the themes of the first songs.

Inconcessus Lux Lucis band pic

The overall sound of this Ep is not too good in production, but the bass and guitars are clear and nicely audible, while the drums blend to the mix very well. Everything is played well, although the material sounds like being recorded with one take at the rehearsal place, bringing a nineties demo-feeling to the soundscapes.

The main vocals have the nineties speech-like BM-feeling, but different vox ranging from whispers to speeches to theatratical incantations of true metal proportions (à la new Darkthrone etc.) can also be heard.

This Ep appeals to those underground metal fanatics longing for the eighties and nineties (and in the same time possibly the seventies), as the best kicks of this Ep come from the old authentic feelings due to the sounds. Stuff like this should be listened in vinyl or cassette format!