Witch Mountain – Mobile of Angel




Svart Records

10/10 – Reviewed by Steve Earles

This is Witch Mountain’s fourth album overall, and more importantly, their third with singer-extraordinary Uta Plotkin, following their fine ‘South of Salem’ and ‘Cauldron of the Wild’ albums (I am eternally grateful to my brother-in-metal Luke Hayhurst for introducing me to Witch Mountain!).

While the wittily-named ‘Mobile of Angels’ (you need to see the splendid album art to appreciate the title) builds on its predecessors, it’s the best so far for the band. All the musicians are talented, yet it’s all about serving the song, this is music stripped down to just what’s needed. The production by Billy Anderson is superb, it brings to mind the production on Goatsnake’s classic ‘Flower of Disease’, it’s just perfect, he is the Rick Rubin for the 21st century (and the fact that Rick Rubin’s name still appears on records makes me laugh. It must be for the ‘value’ of his name, his classic productions for Slayer, Danzig, The Cult, Trouble ect, are all long behind him).

Truly though, Uta Plotkin takes Witch Mountain into another dimension, her voice simultaneously young and ancient at the same time, she’s like a doom metal Janis Joplin, and she really elevates these superb songs. Highlights? It’s all a highlight, a body of work in the best sense of the word, personally I love the title track and the searing ‘The Shape Truth Takes’ (as this is a very truthful album, truth in the sense of internal truth as opposed to the ‘truth’ of the outside world).

And, this is a band with their best in front of them, not behind! A staggering thought.

It also has to be said that is an incredible album in any genre. In a more just world, you’d be hearing these soaring, moving heavy tunes on the radio every day.

Organic, soaring, superb, this is heavy music as it should be.