Funereus (Mexico) – Return of the Old Goat

Forever Plagued Records

Release: 8 September 2014

8.5/10 – Review by Jessie Rodgers


Two cool things about Latin American extreme metal bands is that 1. they are intense as fuck, and 2. they don’t waste time with lyrics about the Grymm Forest Ov Evil Darkness.

What this Mexican band is actually saying, I have no idea; but there seems to be a lot about death, and Satan, and also goats. Pretty standard black metal fare, of course, but mixed with a strong dose of brutal death metal, Funereus charges out the gate with the ferocious “Unhallowed Tomb” and refuses to let up for the album’s entire 32-minute duration. If you’re looking for variance or innovation, look elsewhere. While some moments stand out a bit (the slow, pounding buildup of “Ascending the Throne of Satan” is one such example), every song on this record features the same high, intelligible screams and constantly repeating (though catchy) riffs as the one before it. However, the absolute rage in their music and the excellent vocals of frontman Valefar make this record a worthwhile listen. It’s not a masterpiece, nor is it epic or majestic; this is gritty, raw, minimalistic metal, and it is pretty damn good. [8.5/10]