AUTUMN’S DAWN – EP & Gone (album)

AUTUMN’S DAWN – “Autumn’s Dawn”
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Release date: 21.7.2014


9/10 – Reviews by Susanne Sinmara

German’s Eisenwald label is always a guarantor for good music, and these two releases are no exception. Fans of Austere will rejoice, as AUTUMN’S DAWN is the new project of Sorrow (also of Germ and Grey Waters) and Anguish (Rise of Avernus and Troldhaugen).

Especially the self-titled EP is very much in the vein of Austere. There are slow, anguished screams, melancholic and yearning guitars, yet the mood is strangely uplifting and cathartic. I wouldn’t necessarily call this DSBM, because it is so much more than that, and the DSBM label is a fair bit limiting. The three songs on this EP draw you in and make you want to have more of this.

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Release date: 29.08.2014 (EU)



Which brings us to the full length Gone. Don’t expect the music to be similar to the EP – it is not. Less black metal (actually, barly any….), more post-rock/post-black metal, and a lot of clean singing.

The album starts off with The Ashes Of A Life, almost a indie-pop song with its clean pop production, guitar solo and the odd scream in the middle – a reminder of the black metal past. The lyrics are still of the depressed and melancholic sort, with songs called Until My Heart Corrodes With Rust (oh hello, there is a blast beat in it! And black metal screaming! Sadly ruined by the clean singing) and Blank Stare, Dead Eyes or Into The Cold. Now I have no problem with post-rock and clean singing, but the change from the EP to the album is really rather drastic, and I have to admit to be slightly disappointed by the change.

The album has it’s charm, and it certainly isn’t a bad album as such, but the clean voice of Sorrow is a rather acquired taste – you either like it or you don’t.