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Wömit Angel’s second album “Holy Goatse” out on October 3rd!

Time for the second assault!  Wömit Angel’s second album “Holy Goatse” will
come out October 3rd through Inverse Records.

Wömit Angel salutes such old values as Impaled Nazarene – Motörhead –
Carpathian Forest. Music is straightforward crowbar-to-the-face
sado-punk/black metal. Second album lays down even more punk/HC tunes.
So sit back and listen to the soundtrack fit for Sodoma brought to you
by UNHOLY AND HORNY Soul Torturing Crew!!!

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AUTUMN’S DAWN – EP & Gone (album)

AUTUMN’S DAWN – “Autumn’s Dawn”
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Release date: 21.7.2014


9/10 – Reviews by Susanne Sinmara

German’s Eisenwald label is always a guarantor for good music, and these two releases are no exception. Fans of Austere will rejoice, as AUTUMN’S DAWN is the new project of Sorrow (also of Germ and Grey Waters) and Anguish (Rise of Avernus and Troldhaugen).

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‘Dear Leader’ by Jang Jin-sung/ ‘The Bombing of Dublin’s North Strand, 1941’ by Kevin C. Kearns


Dear Leader’ by Jang Jin-sung

Published by Rider

Reviewed by Steve Earles

There’s a very telling scene in Max Brook’s ‘World War Z’. The war against the zombies is over and the survivors are reviewing what has happened in the world. The survivors have no idea if North Korea’s dictatorship has survived as they withdrew, once the crisis began, to the safety of their bunkers.

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