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Interview with King Of Asgard



Jonas Albrektsson from King Of Asgard was interviewed by Luke Hayhurst:

Greetings to King of Asgard.

Thanks Luke!

Your new album is entitled “Karg”. Can you explain the meaning behind the name?

To us it has several meanings but – “Karg” – simply the swedish word for “Barren”.  We took this title and forged the album atmosphere and used it as an influence during the writing process of the album. In a way keeping us as well as the musical approach stripped down. The outcome is darker and there is less hope and joy to say it metaphorically. Imagine a dead landscape stricken by the harsh wings of history. The old times was difficult times and that’s something we tried to capture and solely as to begin with with the word “Karg” as a guideline along the way. Guess we came close to it as it’s not as easy to get into this album as the predecessors but once there the landscapes takes its shapes. We’ve actually always worked like this but not as obvious as on this album. “Karg” has been with us throughout the whole progression of forming this album, through music, lyrics to art, photos and layout etc. We’ve had it as an underlying motive in everything really, more or less. I think it will show when people have the final product in their hands and consider the thought. There’s also a music video being presented within a few days that’ll show the harsh barren side of King of Asgard yet in our already trodden paths.


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Aurvandil – Thrones

Aurvandil – Thrones

Eisenwald Tonschmiede

10/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara



Sometimes, just sometimes an album of a band you never heard of comes along and encapsules you entirely. Thrones by Aurvandil is such an album. The band comes from France and compromises of two members: Aurvandil (all instruments and vocals) and Fog (drums). This is their second full album – which they have rehearsed and recorded in just 5 days. Released by the German label Eisenwald Tonschmiede (this itself usually guarantee for good releases), I sincerely hope they will get the recognition they deserve with this album.

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Aeolus – Celestial Forest


US Atmospheric Black Metal

7/10 – Review by Luke Hayhurst


Sporting that murky demo sound, Wisconsin black metal one man project Aeolus hits the spot perfectly in creating dark, powerful and moody atmospheric black metal, sort of along the lines of early Burzum! “Celestial Forest” was written/performed/recorded/mastered by just one man and so you could call this a labour of love, the end result being a very endearing black metal release.

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