The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-li



Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions

7/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara

This is the second album for French Lovecraftian black metal band The Great Old Ones. The first one, Al Azif, had already taken some parts of the black metal underground by storm: The expectations are high with their new output, Tekeli-li.

Let me just say first and foremost: it’s not a bad album. It has some good parts – the spoken French words, that they have tried to bring some fresh wind into this genre and that their style is very much recognisable, as well as a few moments of great atmosphere. Unfortunately it lacks a little bit in consistency – a little bit too jumbled up.


The atmosphere builds up, and then you get knocked down by too many breaks and you lose the thread again. Now normally I’d say: listen to this album a few times, and it’ll open up. Not this one, sorry to say. Tekeli-li doesn’t have the consistency of Al Azif, but it still is one of the better outputs this year. It’s still worth giving it a spin or two, and who knows – you might like it better than I did.